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Haines, blogger at the RunaMuck and contributor at DaySpring’s (In)courage blog, describes a lifetime’s struggle with personal demons in this candid debut memoir. Raised in a conservative Christian Alabama household, Haines felt early rebellious impulses toward sex and drugs that led her away from the church, before a watershed night during college paved the way for God to reenter her life. Haines’s story isn’t a magical tale with a happy ending; rather, the author shares the gritty details of how her inner religious turmoil manifested into years of shame, denial, and contradiction. She is transparent about an abortion, an affair, and ways she avoided her depression and growing anxiety. Haines’s tale of healing spans a long time, and her memoir balances nicely between reflection and diagnosis. Haines’s redemption is powerful, but much of her history is told with a surety that reduces these past struggles to simply the facts of their occurrence. Her redemption rarely feels in doubt. Christian readers will value the author’s honesty and find hope in the checkered path that has led her to peace and contentment.

  • July 1, 2015
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